Growth Mindset Coaching

How it works

What is coaching?

Coaching is a service that helps you get clear on your goals and motivations and take steps to achieve those goals so that they don’t just become wishful thinking.  It’s not necessarily about bringing up the past, but rather, working towards moving in the right direction. 

Mindset coaching for kids, specifically, helps them become motivated and empowered, understand what mental blocks and limiting beliefs might be obstructing their path, and internalize a solid foundation of belief in themselves.  Ideally, we want them to be mentally strong enough so that, regardless of what may happen to them, they can pull through with a core sense of self confidence.  

How is it different from therapy or counseling?

Coaching is often conflated with therapy, but this is a misnomer.  Therapy is akin to going to the doctor to restore health, whereas mindset coaching is more like getting a personal trainer to build strength.

One helps to fix a pre-existing problem, while the other facilitates progress towards a goal.  

What is the benefit of mindset coaching for kids?

The benefit of mindset coaching for kids is that, by helping them to develop resilient thought patterns in their childhood, they have a head start on realizing their potential.



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