Lesson 5:  What is resentment

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1.  Which of the following is the most empowering thought to focus on to overcome feelings of jealousy, envy or indignation without devaluing:

  • “That’s dumb, I wouldn’t want that thing anyway!”
  • “You probably won’t get it, and if you do, I bet you’ll screw it up.”
  • “If you can do it, it must be easy”
  • “If you can do it, then that means it’s possible, and maybe I can do it too.”
  • “You just got lucky.”

Discussion prompts/Journal Exercise:

  • How often and easily do you feel animosity towards things on the outside for adding stress to your life?
  • Write about a time when you felt animosity towards something on the outside, whether it was a person or an event.  Was your attitude optimistic or pessimistic?
  • How often and easily do you allow yourself to long for things without trying to figure out a plan for getting it?  What type of an impact does this have on how you feel about yourself?  (Remember, wanting something is only bad for you if you’re not working towards getting it, and it’s just a fantasy).