Lesson 2:  Our values

1. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing to be self defined is:

  • How much effort we’re putting in.
  • What things we’re choosing as our values.
  • How other people feel about us when we’re self defined.

2.  Jim saw the new kid sitting by himself at lunch, so he went over and invited him to sit with him and his friends. Which of the following might be things that Jim values based just on this information?

  • Kindness
  • Inclusivity
  • Having a large circle of friends
  • Looking popular

3.  Mary’s plan going into high school was that she was going to take the easiest possible classes she can, so that she can have a really high GPA when she graduates. Mary seems to value having a high GPA more than ______.

  • Taking it easy
  • Challenging herself

4.  Which of the following is the worst case scenario of Mary’s values?

  • She may still end up with a low GPA.
  • She may get really bored in her classes.
  • She may not learn how to do difficult things and overcome challenges.

Discussion Prompts:

  • What are the things you place high value in right now?
  • Are they internal or external values?
  • What are some internal values that would be good for you to adopt?