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What could your student be capable of in Math if they gave it their best for a semester?

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Does your student have the potential to do well in Math, but low motivation holds them back?

Sometimes, when students struggle in Math, it has more to do with low effort than with their capabilities.  

For these students, tutoring alone is not enough – they need coaching to develop a foundation of motivation, self accountability, and tools to overcome their personal Math barriers.

That’s where the Math Mindset Coaching program comes in…  

    What is the Math Mindset Coaching Program?

    The Math Mindset Coaching program is a 10-week coaching and tutoring course that motivates traditionally unmotivated Math students to give their best effort, while providing them with the academic support they need.  

    In this program, students are coached to develop a resilient mindset and approach to their Math class, powering through the subject like they are training for a marathon.  

    The result?  A student who is striving for their Math potential!

    How the program helps students discover their Math potential:

    • Incentivizing students with intrinsic motivation.  
    • Accountability.
    • Coaching students to overcome academic and mental hurdles – for example: test anxiety.
    • Tools and strategies that make understanding and studying for Math easier.
    • Tutoring as needed.

      Results that speak for themselves…

      Get $100 off if you sign up before 7/30/22!

      This program is right for your student if…

      • Your student is in high school or middle school.
      • You answer yes to 3 or more of the following:
        • Do you feel that a lack of effort is a greater problem for them than their natural ability in Math?
        • Do they struggle in Math?
        • Do they frequently get poor grades in Math?
        • Do they have low confidence in their Math abilities, even when they’ve studied?
        • Do they attribute any Math success to luck?
        • Do they have a hard time believing in themselves when it comes to Math?
        • Do they complain that Math is boring or useless?
        • Do they skip homework assignments (or would they if you were to stop looking out for them)?
        • Does getting a bad grade on a Math test or quiz cause them to give up instead of trying harder?

        About the instructor:  Ava Sharma

        Ava Sharma is a private Math tutor and mindset coach who specializes in working with unmotivated students.  In her 14+ years of teaching and coaching students, she has helped hundreds of students realize their potential in Math. 

        Ava holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Wayne State University, and is a SME in influencing and motivating students. 


          Packages start at $300, and vary based on what the student needs.

          Early bird special:  

          Sign up before 7/30/22 to get $100 off.  Spots are limited, book a discovery call to get started!

          Sign up process:

          Step 1:  Schedule a 20-min discovery call.

          There is no charge for this, it is simply to discover if this program is right for your student.  This call is for the parent, guardian or educator only.

          Step 2:  Discovery call.

          During the call we will discuss the student’s needs, the packages offered, and I’ll give you my recommendation.  If you decide to proceed, we’ll register the student and schedule their onboarding call. 

          Step 3:  Onboarding call.

          This call is for the student.  We will discuss the program, what will be required, and confirm their enrollment.

          Get $100 off if you sign up before 7/30/22!


          Is this tutoring?

          The program has 3 components: a group coaching course, accountability check-ins, and private tutoring.  During the discovery call, we’ll determine what your student will need.

          Where does the program take place?

          The Math Mindset Coaching program is all online, via zoom.  It is for students located anywhere in the U.S.

          Are there specific dates/times for the program?

          Yes, but the exact dates and times are TBD, depending on student requirements.  Book a call to discuss in more detail.



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