Math Confidence Course

An 8-week micro course to help High School and Middle School students perform optimally in Math.

Students need confidence to perform optimally in Math.

Low confidence in Math can: 

Negatively impact performance on tests, quizzes and assignments.

Diminish a student’s ability to focus, learn and understand what they’re being taught.

Negatively impact a student’s motivation and ability to remain resilient when Math challenges and disappointments arise.

High intrinsic confidence in Math can:

Improve outcomes, as well as general self esteem.

Empower them to become more curious, resilient, and astute students, both in other subjects, as well as in future Math classes.

Prevent the cultivation of Math related insecurities and anxieties.

Common barriers to Math confidence:

A lack of commitment to persevering when Math challenges arise.

Self doubt regarding their abilities.

Low natural aptitude in Math. 

Fears, self consciousness and intimidation when learning

Unfavorable current, or past, performance

Traumatic experiences when learning

How does the Math Confidence Course help students develop confidence in Math?

1.  Habits

This course helps students develop consistent study and communication habits that facilitate academic success.

2.  Accuracy

Students learn techniques for computational accuracy, particularly on tests, and strategies for simplifying and understanding Math.


3.  Mindset

This course helps students cultivate a resilient attitude, even in the face of challenges, and maintain healthy levels of motivation and intrinsic confidence.

How does it work?

This self directed course consists of 8 video lessons, approximately 20 mins each, and end-of-chapter exercises for understanding and self reflection.

Once enrolled, each week, students receive access to the video lessons and exercises for that week.

At the end of the 8 weeks, students continue to have access to the entire course, including any updates made to the course.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for middle and high school students who struggle with self doubt and anxiety in Math.

Additional possible characteristics of students:

    • Unsatisfied with their grade.
    • Would like to do well.
    • Would do extra credit.
    • Feel they are not good at Math.
    • Feel Math is just something they have to “get through.”

About the instructor:

Ava Sharma is a Private Math tutor, a Mindset coach for students, and the author of empowerment and influencing courses for students, parents and educators.  With over 14 years of experience as an educator, Ava has helped hundreds of students, ranging from 3rd grade to college level, develop confidence in their academic abilities and realize their Math potential.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Wayne State University, and is a SME in influencing and motivating students.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1:  Introduction

In the first section of this course, students learn how having an attitude of confidence can positively impact their results in Math, why it’s possible to maintain confidence in Math even if their results contradict that feeling, and how this course will help them do that. 

    Week 2:  The Basics

    Students start to develop the fundamental study habits that are needed for success in Math.  In this lesson, students learn exactly what those “base-line” habits are, how to carry them out consistently, and why they should persist in their attempts, even if they feel uncertain about what they’re learning.

      Week 3:  The Mindset

      Students learn about various mindsets and attitudes that one can adopt when it comes to academics, with a deeper dive into the mindset that best supports learning – the Growth mindset.  In this lesson, students are also taught how to effectively assert themselves through the often vulnerable process of learning, in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and confidence.

        Week 4:  The Game Plan

        In this section, students take stock of their current academic situation, what they’re aiming for, and develop values such as self compassion that will help them get the results they want.  This lesson offers a high-level game plan for both the students that are struggling just to pass their class, as well as the students that are hoping to improve their already “good” grade.  

          Week 5:  Thinking like a Teacher

          In this paradigm shifting section, students explore the construction of tests from the perspective of a teacher, learning how questions can be made progressively challenging within just one concept, and a study strategy for optimizing their results on tests.  They are also encouraged to be more attentive and engaged in class. 

            Week 6:  Word Problems

            To help students tackle a commonly intimidating aspect of Math – word problems, in this section, students learn how they can view themselves as playing 3 different roles in order to master their problem solving abilities.  

              Week 7:  Focus, Memorization, and Test Anxiety

              This section goes over tips and tactics for improving focus, memorization, and tackling test anxiety.  The tactics covered in this section are helpful to students not just in Math, but can also be applied to various subjects.

                Week 8:  Recap and Inspiration

                In the conclusion of this course, students review the main ideas that were covered, and are left with powerful and inspiring true stories of students that persevered through their own Math challenges, to serve as a reminder of why they can do the same.

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