Do You Have a Hard Time Connecting With Your Son Or Daughter, Or Resolving Conflicts, Because They Are Guarded?

Open the channels of communication between you and your kids in 3 days!

This 3-day formula will revitalize the synergy in your house!

How it works:

Everyday for 3 days, you’ll get an email with an exercise and a task for the day (like a conversation topic to have with your kids).
Simply do the exercises, and by Day 3, the dynamic of your relationship will start to shift!

Time commitment:  ~5-10 mins per day

Here’s how this challenge has helped other parents…

“This challenge was exactly what we needed!  I can’t believe my son started opening up to me in just 3 days, after months and months of tension in our house!”

Sandy Rucker, OH

“My sister and I both tried the challenge with our kids and it worked for both of us.  My nephew is probably the hardest one to get through out of all the cousins, but my sister told me he was cracking jokes with her this afternoon.”

Amanda Kingsley, NJ

“Thank you so much for this.  Today is Day 3, and my daughter and I actually went shopping today and she even let me pick out a dress!  It’s the first time in a really long time that she willingly agreed to do something with me.  This was a good day, thank you!!”

Katie Tincher, TX

“I loved doing this for my girls.  It was so simple, and yet so unbelievably effective!”

Angeline Maloney, CA

“My son has been harder and harder to reach since the pandemic, especially for my husband.  Tonight (day 3), we were watching these silly voice over sports videos on IG together.  My son showed them to us on his phone and my husband also started following the account.  They were both laughing together.  It was really great to see them like that.”

Leslie and Tom Rosa

“Wow, this challenge works miracles!  I tried it on both of my kids, my younger one is usually really shy and my son shuts me out with rudeness, and it worked on both of them.  My daughter started opening up on the first day, but for my son, it took all 3 days, and today we actually had a real conversation without it turning into a fight.  Thanks for sharing!”

Priya Patel, NY

Ava Sharma.

Ava is a passionate Mindset Coach and former educator. 

Working one-on-one with hundreds of kids for over a decade gave her the chance to observe the role that emotions play in their decisions and motivation, academically and behavior wise.

After realizing how pervasive low self esteem was in her students and how much it would block their potential, she started working on a curriculum and coaching program that would help kids develop a growth mindset.

Nicole Santiago, M. Ed.

Nicole is a Family and Executive function Coach and also a former educator. 

As a former public school educator (Maryland) and current homeschool mom, Nicole managed ADHD on the home front and in the classroom.  She is a strong advocate for neurodiversity and is an inattentive ADHDer, herself.  

When she’s not dancing or learning with her three children in San Antonio, TX, she writes about mental health, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship.

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